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We are Kings Of Indigo.
Denim by heart, forever pioneers. We're not just creating jeans, we are crafting
a legacy. A legacy of sustainability, transparency, and perseverance. Join us
as we continue to raise the bar, one denim at a time.


Since day one

Our pioneering journey in the denim world began with a simple yet powerful belief: we must do denim right, one pair of jeans at a time. For us that means allowing no compromises. We create the highest quality denim, with the lowest impact.  

Creating a sustainable product for us is all about choosing materials consciously, crafting high quality, and building on a legacy. It’s about developing a story that will never go out of style.  

High quality, low impact


Our production focuses on the denim craft.

We produce as close to home as possible, championing ethical production without compromising on quality.


But the most important part? Transparency.  

As a consumer, you have the right to know where and how your clothes are made. Because knowledge, is power. Therefore, transparency is key.  

We made our full supply chain is transparent and accessible for everyone via Retraced. 

Let’s build a future where transparency is the norm, not the exception.  

Denim pioneers

Sustainable since day one


"The thing I like most about my job? Innovation. We get to invent new stuff all the time. Not just new fits and styles, but completely new ways to create those clothes. It's the washes without water and the stretch without plastics that keeps this business so interesting. We keep doing it better."


Making waves

Our uncompromising nature makes us no strangers to challenges; but we're resilient. As pioneers in the denim world, dedication is in our DNA - woven into the very fabric of our brand. We constantly push boundaries and set new standards. Dedication is intertwined in every stitch, every seam, every button on our jeans.

We're here to make waves. And we challenge you to join us. Together we can make real change. 

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The Heritage

American classic jeans

Kings Of Indigo is inspired by the timeless classics. At the core is our five pocket jeans. Iconic in every sense, made for everyone.

Japanese tradition

It's all about appreciating the denim craft and eye for detail. We take tradition into account for each and every item, ensuring high quality that will stand the test of time.

Modern innovation

We believe in pushing the boundaries of timeless design and denim craftsmanship. Our commitment to modern innovation defines each Kings of Indigo item.

Pioneers of persistence

Meet the driving forces behind Kings Of Indigo's rebirth. Sebastian Proft, known as the passionate owner, injected new life into the brand in 2022. Alongside him is Mariska Stolwijk, our grounded General Manager, drives inspiration and dedication on the floor. Their combined energy and commitment have propelled us into a new chapter.

Now our journey continues. We stand as pioneers to drive change. Crafting the legacy, one denim at a time.