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Singlet with a slim fit. High, round neckline. Low stretch. Made with recycled polyester (post-consumer plastic bottles) and recycled cotton (re-used, waste cotton). By reusing waste cotton we save water and CO2 emissions required to grow new cotton. That’s what we call: planet friendly material.
  • This product is made of post-consumer recycled polyester and pre-consumer recycled polyester. The yarns are GRS certified.
  • Using recycled materials instead of new materials significantly reduces the amount of water needed for production. 20 Litres of water have been used to wash this product.
  • This product is made by our supplier TEX POINT which is audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.
  • This product is made in Bulgaria and delivered by truck, which causes approximately 5 times less CO2 emissions than transportation by plane. We work with "Goodshipping" to decarbonize our CO2 emissions from factory to consumer.
  • 53% of this product is made of post-consumer recycled polyester, 43% is made of pre-consumer recycled cotton and 4% is made of recycled elastane, no new materials were required to produce the fabric. The use of recycled materials saves waste ending up in landfill.




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